Memory Cross:  Creative tracts to share the Gospel.  For children, youth and adults

One of the most effective Gospel tracts available today

Most tracts are not read but that is not true with Memory Cross Tracts.  Watch and find out why

If tracts are not read, then the message is lost.  Unfortunately most tracts are not read but that is not true with Memory Cross tracts.  The unique design is so intriguing that people will want to keep and read it.

Amazing Design that Presents the Gospel

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Unique Design gets passed around

What Makes this Card Special?

  • Origami Design - Each Memory Cross Card contains four panels that never stop folding.  The design captures the attention of children, youth and adults so they'll read what is printed on the tract and share it with their friends.
  • The Most Creative Tract Available Today - Memory Cross cards have four panels which never stop folding.  Jean says "I passed samples around the Sunday School classes and everyone was amazed. What a great witnessing tool". 
  • Children, Youth and Adults Enjoy Receiving this Tract - While most tracts are tossed aside and never read that does not happen with this Gospel tract.  They'll not only read it but they'll show it to their friends as well.  

What People Are Saying

"Our church has experimented with tracts in the past at various children's outreach events. Most of them get tossed aside and never read. The one tract that seems to captivate the attention of the kids and parents is the Memory Cross Gospel tract.

It is creative, innovative, and most of all biblically sound and gospel-centered. I want Christians to realize the treasure they have in this product for child evangelism. There is nothing better." - Derek Combs  Pastor Jessieville First Baptist Church

"These Memory Crosses are so neat - from young child to adult, everyone is amazed by them." - Angie Curry

"I've used many a tract to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have found this to be an incredible tool." - Constance Revels

Available in Multiple Languages

If you need tracts in other languages besides English Memory Cross has a variety available, plus we can translate and tract into any language.

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Tracts for Children

In order to share the Gospel you first have to get someone's attention. That is why Memory Crosss tracts are so effective. The design captures attention better than any tract we know of. While they are busy figuring out how it works they'll be reading the message over and over again.   See for yourself. Order our free sample pack today.

How to Get Attention

Tracts for Adults