Is this most creative way to share the Gospel you've ever seen?

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If you are working with kids this is an amazing tool to share the Gospel.  The unique origami design gets attention which makes it a great way to present the Gospel to children as well as adults.  It was developed by Andy Lambert, a Pastor in the United Methodist Church who was looking for a creative way to put the Word of God into children's hearts.  

We'd like to send you a free sample pack so you can see this card for yourself.  There is no cost or obligation so order your free sample today.  We've listed a few of the recent comments we've received.

If you haven't yet watched the video watch it now to see what makes this card so unique. 




Mike Vitamvas

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I can't imagine a mission trip without Memory Crosses. The wordless ones are such a great tool for countries of all languages! Of course the Spanish ones have always welcomed by the churches. I can't remember if I told you that the French Creole cards were left with the Jesus Film Harvest Partners in Haiti. I can only imagine the impact that they will have on lives!

Thank you again! Blessings! - Kathy Yanchick

Recent Comments

I received my sample pack. I couldn't wait to show them to my Sunday school leader, she was as excited as I was so she said she would be checking into placing an order!! Thank you so much for wanting to draw children to the Lord in this special way!! What a blessing you have!!! - Janie

We go on a mission trip to Temuco Chile each November. We are able to spend the mornings visiting in the Mapuche schools where we are able to freely share God's love. The children loved the Roman Road tract! In the afternoons we go door to door in the Mapuche communities with members of the local church and have disciple training in the local Mapuche church each night. We gave out many of the Roman Road tracts in the homes. The adults were as fascinated with the tracts as were the children! - Linda Oliver

They are fabulous!! My husband and I are going to discuss which ones we want to try to order for our vacation bible school this summer...thanks again!! - Olga Guy