Memory Cross - One of the most effective ways to get your message out

This origami inspired card will increase sales and brand awareness.  Available in a variety of sizes.

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Unique Design Guarantees People Will See and Remember Your Message

According to a study by Media Dynamics, Inc. Americans are exposed to the following:

  • Average number of advertisement and brand exposures per day per person: 5,000+
  • Average number of “ads only” exposures per day: 362
  • Average number of “ads only” noted per day: 153
  • Average number of “ads only” that we have some awareness of per day: 86
  • Average number of “ads only” that made an impression (engagement): 12

Only 12 create engagement.  That is where the magic card can help.  The unique interactive design helps ensure that your message will be one of the 12 messages that people remember.

We'd like to send you a sample of this card completely free.  Show it around, see what people say, and compare it to your current marketing material and see which one has a better chance of making an impression.


Panel 1

Gets noticed

Consumers are subjected to thousands of messages a day.  How do you make sure your message is noticed?   The Magic Card by Memory Cross cuts through the clutter giving you a excellent chance to be one of the 12 messages that create engagement. 

Panel 2

Increase sales

The Magic card by Memory Cross has been shown to increase response rates significantly over conventional print.  Because of the unique design people are much more likely to keep and read your marketing material.

Panel 3

Creative Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Memory Cross creative marketing ideas using print
Memory Cross, Inc. © Copyright 2016

Panel 4

A very effective business card

Take a look at your business card.  Does help close sales and bring in new customers?  Does anyone remember it or your message?  Let's rethink business cards for a minute.  With the Magic Card by Memory Cross the amount of space available for your message increases by 4X so you can turn your business card into a powerful marketing tool.  It contains four panels put together into such a creative card that people will remember you and your message.

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More than anything else, I am in the "IDEA" business and I saw the interactive business card as a very tangible way to show prospective clients that I have new and different ideas to bring to their marketing program. 

I anticipated that it would go over well and would do what I expected, but I have to tell you, it exceeded my expectations by miles and miles. - Bryan Biddle

I just wanted you to know that the card is a hit in my networking meeting. - Greg Glinowiecki with Catalyst Multimedia

These are very clever origami cards that fascinate people of all ages--great for getting any message across, since they're completely customizable and come in all sizes from business card to 8"x 8" - Sandra Edwards


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