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Teaching about the Armor of God at Sunday School or VBS?

So Unique & Kids love it!

This is the only card on the market designed so it never stops folding.  It capture the attention of kids and adults.  They are amazed by how it works so they'll fold it over and over again, allowing the Scriptures to sink into their hearts and minds.

A Powerful tool for Sharing the Gospel

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Create an impact with Memory Cross

Answers in Genesis Kingdom Chronicles VBS

Kingdom Chronicles VBS is on the Armor of God.  This Memory Cross card is a great way to help you get the Scripture message into your kids hearts and minds.

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Money Back Guarantee

Memory Cross was the idea of Pastor Andy Lambert who wanted to create something that would help put the Scriptures into the hearts and minds of kids.  All of our cards come with a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are not happy for any reason we'll refund your money plus shipping.  We want to become a partner with you in sharing the Gospel.

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 "I got a sample pack in the mail to see how effective they would be with my kids, and My kids Loved Them!!! I'm definitely planning on using them in our children's ministry program at our church!!!" - Kassandra Tovar

"These Memory Crosses are so neat - from young child to adults, everyone is amazed by them. Our church used the Easter crosses that kids can color as a gift for the kids. Everyone loved them." - Angie Patterson Curry

 "The kids in our Sunday morning program love these. They are fun and easy to use and great to share with friends."  - Theresa Hacker