Memory Cross makes Gospel tracts, Bible story cards and Scripture Memory Cards.

We've designed each card to never stop folding.  This unique design will capture the attention of children and adults.

Most people do not read Gospel tracts, but that is not true with Memory Cross tracts.  Because people are so fascinated with the design they will not only read it multiple times but show it to their friends as well.

The larger Bible story cards are effective because they break the story down into four sections making it easier for childrn to remember, plus the design will keep them playing with it long after Sunday School is over.

Memory Cross Scripture memory cards help children and adults learn Bible verses faster because they also break the verse down into four sections.

Origami Design
Captures attention of children and adults.

4 Panels per Card
Makes it an ideal way to memorize Scriptures and learn Bible stories.

100% Money Back Guarantee.  If you are not happy we will refund your money plus cost of shipping.

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An Incredibly Fun, Creative Way to Share the Gospel

"I got a sample pack in the mail to see how effective they would be with my kids, and My kids Loved Them!!!  - Kassandra Tovar

"These Memory Crosses are so neat - from young child to adults, everyone is amazed by them. Our church used the Easter crosses that kids can color as a gift for the kids. Everyone loved them." - Angie Patterson Curry

"The kids in our Sunday morning program love these. They are fun and easy to use and great to share with friends."  - Theresa Hacker

"I showed them to all I came in contact with and got the same reaction.  I even took them to work and showed them to some nonbelievers. 

Their response was no different.  One lady said, What a great way to get the Word out."  - K. Williams, Kansas City, Mo.

  • Mission Trips - Memory Cross cards are great for mission trips.  They fit easily into your travel bags and are available in English, Spanish and a Wordless tract.
  • Vacation Bible School - Memory Cross will help your children really learn the key verses.  Available for most of the major VBS programs or you can customize a Memory Cross card for your VBS.
  • Sunday School and Children's Church - Bible story coloring cards and Scripture cards available for a wide range of lessons.  
  • Scripture Memorization - Bible verses are broken into four panels which makes it easy for children to put God's Word into their hearts and minds.  Pre-printed verses available or put the Scripture on our blank cards.  
  • Tracts and Outreach Cards - These tracts won't get put aside.  They are a very effective way to reach children and adults with God's plan of salvation.  
  • Custom Designs.  You can put your own message on any Memory Cross card starting at only 500 pieces.  The possibilities are endless:  Business cards that share the Gospel, Church outreach cards, cards designed specifically for your church or origanization.  

What Are They Used For?

What are People Saying?

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A Fun new way to share the Gospel and teach children Bible stories

An Effective Way To Share The Gospel

The design is so unique that most people read, keep and share Memory Cross cards which means a lot more people a receiving God's Word and they even share the tracts with their friends.  Whether you are sharing a Bible story with children or reaching out to adults, Memory Cross is a very effective tool. 

There are a variety of tracts available.  Some share an uplifting verse, others God's plan for their life and many link to the web for people wanting more information.

Business Applications

The unique design of Memory Cross makes it a very appealing option for businesses looking to stand out from the crowd.  The card makes an excellent business card providing four panels that allow for much more room for your message and the unique design is sure to get attention and open doors.  Other popular uses include:  coasters, marketing brochures and trade show pieces.  Visit our business page to find out more.

Fair Trade Products

Memory Cross carries a variety of Fair Trade Products.  Artists are paid a fair price for products with most receiving 50% up front and the balance upon shipment. This allows them the ability to purchase raw materials and hire other craftsmen. Take a moment and check out the unique handmade products on our site. We've included a little of their story on each product. Through your support independent artisans around the world support their families while creating great products, many using traditional techniques handed down for hundreds or thousands of years. Visit our store for more information.

Evangelism out Outreach Services

The Gospel is the most amazing story ever told and the most amazing story never told.  Memory Cross provides a variety of services that help churches spread the Good News.  Visit our store to find out more or visit our blog to find tons of personal and corporate evangelism ideas.